July 13, 2011

Best laid plans

This was my plan for this week:

Sunday:  Scheduled to work at B&N.
Monday:  Finish HST Rainbow Quilt

Tuesday:  Finish back for HST Rainbow Quilt, teach Tai Chi, in the evening play cards with friends.
Wednesday:  Go do something fun, I'm thinking of the Zoo
Thursday:  Get my teeth cleaned, teach Tai Chi, play dominoes in the evening.
Friday:  Scheduled to work at B&N.
Saturday:  Scheduled to work at B&N.

This is what's actually happened, so far:

Sunday, worked at B&N.
Monday, started sewing, got called into work at B&N, some one was ill and needed to go home.  That some one stayed and filled me in on numerous things, while I'm encouraging her just to go and get some rest.
Tuesday, woke up with a horrid summer cold.  At first I thought it was allergies, because I have allergies 365/24/7; but I soon decided it was a cold.  Treated myself with OTC meds, Dayquil and Nightquil. Cancelled the Tai Chi class, stayed home from the card game.  Bob went and had a great time.
Wednesday, feeling better, but I'm hanging out in a T and sweats, and I'm gonna finish my HST Rainbow Quilt; and maybe the back, too.

As I said, Best laid plans.

Thanks for stopping by, we enjoyed having you,


  1. Summer colds are the worst. Hope you feeling better soon. Loved that feel good story too. She was so lucky to get that ring back!

  2. Sounds kind of like my plans. That quilt looks wonderful.


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