May 5, 2011

Shoot me

On Monday, we marked our 47th wedding anniversary.  This photo shows why we got married and why we're still married.  We really like each other, in addition to loving each other; and we still have tons of fun.  (taken Monday evening)  Kelly AKA the Church Lady, host "Shoot Me".  Go visit her to see who else played, today.

Forever In Blue Jeans

Thanks for stopping by, we enjoyed having you,


  1. My...aren't we the early bird...I had to stop n think what day this is. That is a wonderful wedding portrait of you two. It is so nice to hear that your still having fun after all these years! Happy Anniversary and may you share many more to come. My Hubby always tells me.."I not only Love you, but I like you too" LOL

  2. It's great being married to your best friend. You are both adorable, in both photos!

  3. Congrats on 47 years! That is awesome! Hope you enjoyed the cruise!

  4. You're awesome. What great role models for your girls. Can't wait to see pictures from your cruise. Hope it went well.


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