May 22, 2011

Going to NYC

My bags are packed, again. I'm super excited because I'm going to NYC, all by myself.  I'll be attending Book Expo America and I've planned extra time to see the sights. I've never "done" Central Park; so that's on my agenda, plus eleventy million other things!  I'm staying in Hell's Kitchen, again.  It's great, I know the neighborhood and where to eat.  I know where the closest Duane Reade is; what more could I ask for.

The BEA has returned to it's old format of 3 days, but it's still mid-week; things shouldn't be as harried.  Also, this is the second year the BEA has invited me to attend as a VIP, for free.  Free is good, especially in an expensive city like New York.  I got my NYC fix, before I left by reading Pete Hamill newest, Tabloid City.  I loved it.

Here's some of the authors that I'll see at the Book and Author Breakfasts, Julianne Moore, Mindy Kaling, Jim Lehrer, Kevin Henkes, Sarah Dessen, Roger Ebert, Anne Enright, Jefferey Eugenides, Charlaine Harris, Kevin Henkes, Diane Keaton, Erik Larson, Brian Selznick and Katherine Paterson.  They're be tons of other authors there as well as publishers and editors anxious to give me a copy of the next great book.  Such a deal.

Last year, the buzz on the book floor was all about I Am Number Four and Room.  I wonder what the buzz-iest books will be this year?  I'll let you know.

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  1. Have fun n be safe! Never been to Hells kitchen before.

  2. Have fun, Jan! This sounds like a great event. Love book conferences!

  3. Sounds like so much fun! have a great time!


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