April 6, 2011

Shoot me

 I snapped this photo - me reflected in the back of my car - while out running errands, today.  Last week, I was wearing shorts, this week, back in jeans.  For the bottom photo I used http://www.photofunia.com/; they're always fun the experiment with.

This is my 45th Shoot Me.  Kelly AKA the Church Lady, host "Shoot Me".  Go visit her to see who else played, today.

Forever In Blue Jeans
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  1. Jan: Cute capture, I always love reflections.

  2. The refelection shot almost looks like its snowing. Sounds like your weather is going up then down like ours here.

  3. I wish it was raining here in Kansas. We are so dry it's scary. Grass fires are popping up all over. Luckily those fires haven't been close to our farm!

  4. I have yet to do a reflection shot. I need to try one. Don't you just love Photofunia!!

  5. That's a beautiful reflection, Jan. You gotta love this weather, huh? I'm just glad when the rain holds off until school is out, lol


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