April 7, 2011

Broken nose humor

My nose was broken on 3 separate occasions.  That's a lot for a non-athlete, don't you think.  The first time, I was pre-school age, my Mom was in the hospital, and I was staying with family friends, the Saddlers, so Dad could work and visit Mom.  The Saddlers had two girls, close to my age and we were playing on park benches and I fell, flat on my face, and broke my little nose.

Years later, I was married, Bob and I were living in Downey, close to North American Aviation where he worked, building the space shuttle that went to the moon.  This was early days in our marriage and we were horsing around (wrestling) and he threw me, up, and off of him, into a wall, and my nose broke.  That's #2.

The next time was years later, again.  We'd bought our home in Long Beach, I was in my late 30's.  I'd woken before daylight and was walking down the hall toward the kitchen, and fell, flat on my face, for broken nose #3.  Why did I fall?  One of our wonderful dogs, Seger, a black German Shepard was laying in the hall, and it was dark and I hadn't turned on a light.  I fell so suddenly, I didn't even put my hands out to brace myself.

I waited until I was 61, to have my nose straighten out.  I didn't have a nose-job, a rhinoplasty, because most of the damage was on the inside.  The surgery was called a septoplasty.  Now, here's the humor - because of the surgery and healing time I had to take 2 weeks off from work and from teaching Tai Chi, so everyone knew I'd had nose surgery.  When I returned to Tai Chi, two of my students, came up to me and told me how great my "new nose" looked.  I was pretty surprised and told them that they were looking at my old nose, because nothing had changed on the outside.  Later, I guessed that these particular students might have been familiar with cosmetic surgery.  Whatever floats your boat!

This post is in response to the I am post, today.  I was featured two days ago.

P.S.  My nose is still a tad crooked on the outside, that's just me.

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