March 1, 2011


Yesterday I had a very strange thing happen at my Murrieta365 photo blog.  A stranger managed to bypass security and post on the blog; not a comment, a blog post.  It was a ad for his blogging service.  I removed the offending post, as soon as I was aware of it; but  I'm stumped about how this happened.  I also couldn't sort out how to notify about what had happened.  (If you've figured that out let me know.)

I recently read an article in the business section of the Times regarding the passwords people use on the internet. The article suggested using a separated password for your banking, and changing all your passwords on a regular basis.  I spent this morning changing my passwords.  Such a bother, and now I have to remember them!
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  1. Good advice! Guess what I am going to spend the rest of the day doing...better write them all down because I knwo that I will I was on you site earlier and I thnk it might have the same post up again.forget them.

  2. How scary! I'd like to know how to contact too. When I use spellcheck it highlights almost everything. Annoying as I know I make mistakes.

  3. Wow that is creepy!!! Good idea to change passwords...I know I should do it too! LOL on remembering them...


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