March 6, 2011

Happy, or not

There's a great article today in the NYT, about who's happiest in America:,  I'm a nerd, I know, but I found it fascinating.  Entire states were happy or not, many states were a very mixed bag, by region.  California is one of the mixed bag states, but our area is very happy!  Where my daughter lives in NC, is very unhappy, not good.  Gray, is right in the middle, gold or orange is pretty darn happy.  Blue and dark gray, is where you don't want to go.

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  1. OOhhh.. . very interesting!!! I am very happy, but you can't see that in the map (VA) :-)

  2. Relieved to see in print that "I'm pretty darn happy." :)

  3. Funny, no one even asked me! :) The area of PA where I live is mixed, so I'm not sure what their results are. I'm mostly happy. :)

  4. Poor Kentucky!!

    NC... eek! At least Wake County wasn't that bad :/

    Fascinating... I'm curious to how they gathered their data :)


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