February 23, 2011


No, I'm not showing off our gray sky, I'm boasting about my new socks.  I bought these at the Powell's Bookstore in the Portland Airport.  They had two sock displays, one rounder outside the store and one wall display inside.  I told Sharon, my traveling cohort, that for work I wear black socks 90% of the time.  Black pants, black socks, black shoes; not much to think about and a clean line.  My socks are getting worn out and I need to replace some of them.  Sharon urged my to jazz up my "clean line" and buy some of these, so I did.  Sharon has worked for the same national company for many years and has worked her way up to a Director position.  She has to dress professionally, all the time.  But, she throws in snazzy socks like these more often than not, and it makes her feel good.  Snazzy socks can do that.

I'm not going to work, today, but I'm wearing the white ones with my jeans.  I love my new socks, usually nobody knows I have them on, but I do!

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