January 30, 2011


Clouds reflected in the Pacific, taken this afternoon, flying into Long Beach.

My daughter Sharon and I went to Oregon this weekend to visit my Mom.  The best part of the trip, unfortunately was the traveling.  We had great flights and two wonderful 4 hour car trips.  We managed to find fantastic food along the way.  Our visit with Mom didn't go as well.  She's not doing well mentally; she has dementia and her memory is shot full of holes.  She wasn't sure who we were, except she recognized we were related to her.  She introduced us several times as her relatives.  Not her daughter and granddaughter, just some relatives.  She made several "dates" with us, then forgot the What When Where, even though we had her set the What When Where.  She seems to be doing well physically, and that's a blessing.
Thanks for stopping by, we enjoyed having you,


  1. So sorry to hear about your mom. We went through the same thing with my Mom. It breaks your heart. Glad you were able to spend times with Sharon...tell me about all your good food!

  2. I was just thinking about Grandma this weekend. I'm glad you & Sharon made the trip, sorry it wasn't great all the way around. Did you visit with your sister, too?


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