January 31, 2011


My friend Jan has a lot of blogs, just like I do.  One of her blogs is a food blog, http://eatingourwaythruohio.blogspot.com/, and she asked for a rundown on the good food Sharon and I had on our trip.  Here's my email to her, I thought it's make a good post, too:

Jan, here's the rundown on the food.  While we flew to Portland, we noshed on Chicken Cesar Wraps that we picked up in the Jet Blue terminal at Long Beach, the worlds smallest and fun-est, buy airport.  From Portland to Grants Pass is a 4 hour drive and it got to be dinner-time.  We were driving thru miles and miles of country, mostly farmland.  We kept our eyes peeled for those little highway signs announcing the food, gas and lodgings at the next exit, we were on I-5.  We picked a place called TJ's.  When we pulled into the parking lot there were a lot of cars, and we always take that as a good sign.  It was a cafe and bar, and there were men sitting in their shirt sleeves, it was 40 degrees, on the outside patio, drinking.  We went inside and were warmly greeted, seated, etc.  The menu was varied and great.  Breakfast was available all day.  We both chose a sandwich, and they were outstanding.

In Grants Pass, we passed on a place that was well advertised, but it was back off the road, in a farm.  There were no cars in the parking lot at 1 PM,  we were thinking it was either no good or dangerous!  We ended up at a place called TapRock, right on the Willamette River, and we were seated with a river view.  It was our kind of place, warm, friendly and casual, everyone in jeans; rustic and fabulously decorated.  I could have taken several of there chairs and sideboards home with me.  We both had a wedge salad and clam chowder for lunch.  Both were outstanding.

TapRock had been Mom's choice to take us to lunch, but she stood us up, and went to lunch with friends.  We never mentioned it to her, and that's where we took her for dinner.  This time, it was hard to choose, there were so many great choices; but we all ended up with shrimp and chips.  The shrimp was the most succulent I've had in ages, the fries were good and there was coleslaw.  It was too much to finish.

During our visit, Mom was her normal rude self, that hadn't changed.  I'm not looking for sympathy, but she's always done her best to yank my chain; even though she really didn't know who I was, she was nasty to me at every turn.  Sharon was shocked.  With that behavior, Sharon and I decided not to stick around for breakfast with her, we left early and got out of Dodge.

About 7:30, we decided to stop for breakfast, and again watched the hwy signs.  The place we chose didn't look good, no cars in the parking lot.  It was a small farm town called Canyonville.  It happens to have an Indian casino in town so it looked pretty prosperous.  We cruised down Main St., spotted Marla K.'s Cafe, with lots of people eating breakfast.  We parked across the street, right in front of a quilting fabric store!  Of course it was too early and it was Sunday, so it wasn't open.  We loved Marla K's, when we walked in we were greeted by Marla and customers alike!  You could order anything on the menu, all day.  Marla told us the soup wasn't ready, yet!  Sharon had a build your own omelet, and I had the Belgian Waffle breakfast special.  Everything was outstanding and yet again, too much to finish.  I'm sure they're use to feeling farm workers.

When we got to the airport we were really early for our flight.  We settled in to people watch and read.  Our flight was at 2:30, at about 1, we got a sandwich from an airport cafe.  Again, the food was great, and too much.  We each brought half a sandwich home.  I'm going to take mine to work today, I work noon to 7:30, for my dinner.

Thanks for stopping by, we enjoyed having you,


  1. All that food sounds delish! Sorry your visit with your Mom didn't go well. At least you had a nice road trip with your Daughter.

  2. I should travel with you! All the food sounds great. And all the little places sound just like what we would love to checkout. If we ever make it out your way...I'm knocking on your door and we are going to hit the road running. Sorry everything else
    wasn't so great! That is so hard and frustrating.


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