February 7, 2011

i am

There is a new blog i am.  The blog is the brainstorm of Megan of Brassy Apple.  The purpose is to share photos relating to a monthly theme in one place.  This months' theme is Love.  The idea is to email your photos that relate to the current theme, and they will be posted on the i am blog.  You can find the info. here.


I have two wonderful daughters.  They are different in many ways, but they are alike in important ways.  They are both intelligent, beautiful, caring and great mothers.  I love both of them, and they love each other.  Here are some photos of them, taken 25 years apart.  Can you see the Love?

Thanks for stopping by, we enjoyed having you,

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  1. that's a great new blog! I'll definitely have to figure out how to participate.


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