January 1, 2011

Amazing Bob and Happy New Year

3. Give books as gifts

I've read less books last year.  Here's the proof:

2004 = 114
2005 = 137
2006 = 118
2007 = 150
2008 = 148
2009 = 136
2010 = 110

It's not so bad when I look at it this way - The years that I read the most, '07. '08, '09, I actually spent a lot of time sitting;

sitting in doctors' offices with Bob
sitting next to Bob's various hospital beds, 
sitting in  hospital waiting rooms,
 waiting to see what the outcome of the current procedure.
sitting, eating alone is hospital cafeterias.
Most of this was preventative medicine, to keep him ticking, but still worrisome and time consuming.  Books are a great way to fill that sort of time.  Until I looked at it this way, I thought quilting was taking away from my reading time, but the truth is, it's Bob being healthy!  Amazing; and a good thing.

2004 was the first year I started keeping a book list.  My friend, Tom, from the bookstore, challenged me. He was sure he read more than I.  Each year, I've proven him wrong, but not by much.  This year his wife Sherry was hospitalized twice, so we'll see if the "sitting" and waiting jumps him ahead of me in number of books read.

Happy New Year to you and yours, and may 2011 find you not sitting in waiting rooms..

Thanks for stopping by, we enjoyed having you,


  1. Happy New Year, Jan! That is a very impressive list, you'd get your name on a star for sure in my class!

  2. Wow you do read a lot. My hubs has a day long procedure in the hospital this thursday...I think its time to start on my to read list. It is a great way to pass the time and take your mind off of things.

  3. Happy New Year Jan. I hope you and Bob have a very happy & healthy New Year. Even though I hope you still find ways to read a lot of books, and share your insights. I've found some great authors and books from your recommendations.

    And I also hope you continue to find time to quilt and create.


  4. Happy New Year Jan,
    I am glad that your husband is in good health. I never read that many books in a year, but I think that keeping a list is a great idea.


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