December 21, 2010

Before and after work.

I took this on my way to work this morning.  I worked 6-10 AM, so it was about 5:40 AM.  
I'm crazy for reflections

After work I detoured to Old Town Murrieta, to see if I could get some good shots.
Some of the roads were closed, due to flooding.  You can see, that it's still raining, a lot.

 Murrieta Creek, is raging; it's usually dry or a trickle, if we're lucky.

This creek flows through the golf course, where we live.  There's always water in this creek, but now it's overflowing the banks and taking over the golf course.

One of the egrets I spotted, as I drove home.

One of the flagstone steps, in my back yard.  The backyard is flooded.  We have adobe soil, and it's saturated.  

Thanks for stopping by, we enjoyed having you,


  1. It's me again, popping in on your OTHER new post. The photos are beautiful today, don't you love how green our grasses are in this downpour? Thanks for sharing Jan!

  2. I've been watching the news. Lots of water everywhere. Can't be a good thing. Be safe.


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