October 8, 2010


My husband is stubborn.  It's one of his good characteristics, really.  His stubbornness and determination helped when he was training for triathlons and I sure it helped with his detective work.

For some time he's had sever foot pain, and yesterday he received a diagnosis of Charcot Foot. (Charcot's foot is a complication of diabetes that almost always occurs in those with neuropathy (nerve damage). When neuropathy is present, the bones in the foot become weakened and can fracture easily, even without there being any major trauma. As the neuropathy is present, the pain goes unnoticed and the person continues to walk on it. This can lead to severe deformities of the foot. As this can be very disabling, early diagnosis and treatment is vitally important.)  It's a very scary thing, and he was planning on proceeding with his life, as if nothing was amiss.

In mid July, we signed up to participate in the San Diego Zoo's Walk On The Wild Side, tomorrow.  It's a 2.5 mile walk.  Bob was fully intending on walking, even with his diagnosis!  We are walking with Sharon and Oden; Sharon offered to push him in a wheelchair, so he could "be there".  But he's decide to stay home.

Stubborn, and a bit prideful.  It's  got to be hard to go from being an active athletic competitor to having to sit it out on the side-lines.  But sit on the side-lines he will, if I have anything to say about it, until he's cleared by the foot doc.  The main treatment for Charcot Foot is Immobilization - Complete non-weight-bearing.  Last night I threatened him with his life if he didn't follow doctors orders.  My theory is, if he doesn't follow orders, he'll end up with his foot/feet amputated; my way will be quicker, if he is stubborn and doesn't follow orders..


  1. Sounds like dad is in denial . [dih-nahy-uhl] . an unconscious defense mechanism used to reduce anxiety by denying thoughts, feelings, or facts that are consciously intolerable.

    Dad, hang in there man - you'll beat this shit! So you have to sit on your ass and watch a few more football games... it could be worse - mom could be lurking behind you with that gun she bought for special occasions.

    Your favorite daughter!

  2. Never heard of this condition...poor Bob,,,hope he listens to the Dr. He better if he wants to walk pain free again!!

  3. I agree that Bob needs to give his foot some pampering time (stay off of it)...for long term usage. Very serious and pampering is good. But I know very difficult for anyone, particularly a male, to admit. Hymm. Can we figure out a way to create a fun way to keep him off his feet? Quilting?



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