September 19, 2010


I took last week off work, at Barnes and Noble.  I had a couple of things I wanted to do and I had these two quilts running around in my head.  Now, they're finished, just waiting for a long-arm quilter.

This pattern is called Reflection, another great pattern from Moda Bake Shop.  The designer is KarrieLyne from Freckled Whimsy.   Below is the quilt back, made from the leftover bits and pieces.  I like it as much as the front.  I used Jelly Rolls of Botany and Bella Solids 9900JR-11.

This is the first one I finished.  This pattern is The New Wave, it's by Elizabeth Hartman of

Now, I'm on to the next project, but no more time off work, at least until after the New Year.  This is Retail, and the Holidays are right around the corner.  Go buy books!


  1. So Weird!! I was just staring/drooling over that Reflection quilt today at Moda Bake Shop... thinking how can I get my mom to make that quilt and then (of course) send it to me. AND OH MY GOD - there it is... it's like... magic!

  2. You have been busy, your quilts are just lovely!

  3. Lover them both. I am aleays interested in what you do with the backs. I think you have kindled a little fire in my gut to get back in the sewing groove. I want to take a week off! HA that will never happen! I know what you mean about retail...lived it for too many years...but right back in it with Lowe's. They already have Christmas stuff up. CRAZY!!!

  4. came via your daughter's blog 0 i love that reflection quilt!!


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