July 13, 2010

The Backyard Barbershop

This morning I cut both Oden's and Bob's hair. Bob's been growing his hair out for about 6 months and this is the first time he's let any one cut it. I asked Oden to take some photos. These are SOOC, Oden has a real artist's eye. I've been cutting the family's hair since the early 70's, when Bob became a cop and our income was cut in half. It was a good way the save money. This month I trimmed Carrie's hair, when she was visiting from NC, and now Bob and Oden.


  1. Oden did a great job taking the photos. Bob has such nice wavy hair.

  2. We have the same style barber shop at our house. I even cut my FIL's hair when I am home. Not much to cutting Mark's, he has very little hair but Michael more than makes up for that. I wish I could learn to cut the back of my own hair. The front and sides are no problem...but that back....

  3. thats one way of saving money indeed, i just shave my head these days to save some penny.

    lovely shots.


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