April 10, 2010

Re-posting some voting love

Below is a post, from today, from my friend Jan, in Cincinnati.

Dear To Our Hearts

Cassie forwarded and email to me that contained a link...all she said was ...'right up your alley'. I thought it was going to be something like a sewing project for her or maybe some trash to treasures garden project. She know her Momma to well. So I am helping to get the word out about Big House. Watch the video (go to the bottom and mute the blog music so you will be able to hear the video) and help change the lives of children by voting once a day until the end of the month
I think Micha explains the organization better than I ever could.

I started BigHouse about a year ago after my parents became foster parents and my eyes were opened to the physical, spiritual, emotional, and cognitive needs children in foster care have. Our organization currently provides free access to a completely stocked clothes closet where families can shop, as well as swimsuit and towel drives, school supplies, Christmas parties, and other fun events for the kids to participate in. We are now gearing up to begin our summer and after-school programs where we will provide tutoring, art, dance, music, and sports to kids who so desperately need to be kids! These extracurricular activities are often too expensive for foster parents to afford on their own, thus their children do not get to participate. We want to change that!We are now gearing up to do summer camps and begin our full after school program this fall. We are having our 2nd Annual Swimsuit and Towel drive March 28th- May 1st. Last year, we collected over 65 new swimsuits and beach towels for the kids. Each towel was monogrammed with the child’s name. This little detail was the highlight of our drive. It makes such a difference to the kids to know that they have something that is all theirs. Other events we have planned for the spring are a yard sale on May 1st, an Open House and Silent Auction, and a day of lemonade stands all across the area to raise money for BigHouse on June 5th. We want to encourage kids to help other kids, and who doesn’t like having a lemonade stand!

Most of you know that we adopted two children from foster care. Sarah was our very first placement. She was 6 years old when she ran up the front stairs to meet us. That was 12 years ago last Monday...her Got Cha Day. Michael came to live with us when he was just 4 days old...when we were in our late 40's. We cared for and loved many more children. It breaks my heart that we "got to old" for foster...simply because we want to keep them all. Our house would be overflowing by now. But there comes a time when you have to realize that you aren't getting any younger and if anything thing would happen to us, what would happen to all the small children. Who would take care of them? Where would they end up, back in the broken system? We are extremely lucky to have grown children that have promised they would step up if need be. We have also been blessed with friends and family that stepped up and helped out in more ways than I can express. It does take a village sometimes.

So I am asking for you to go to the Pepsi site and vote to help Big House make a differnce in the lives of children. They deserve the best of what we can give them. They surely didn't aske to be in the position they are in now. Please take the time to visit the Pepsi site and vote for BigHouseFoundation and make a difference for the future of these kids! Then maybe after that you could checkout your local foster care agencies and see they have save a need you could help with.

James 1:27..."to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.”

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