April 9, 2010

Opening Day, minor league style.

We had a great time at the Storm Baseball game last night. British paratroopers, skydiving in, were the "opening act".

First, they had to decide which way the wind was blowing!

After doing their duty, they were happy to participate in "Thirsty Thursday", all sodas and beer were a dollar. They were two-fisted drinkers, and the local girls were all over them!

Carrie, that's Dad's curly silver hair, in the lower left.

Here are both teams lined up for the national anthem. You can't tell from the bleacher shots, but it was a sold-out game.

The only spoiler was, we ended up sitting behind several large men. Some times it was hard to view home plate.

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  1. Oh my word, these pictures made me laugh out loud!!! I love that you took pics of the "large men" in front of you.


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