April 22, 2010

Nature Notes

A couple of unusual sightings, for me, this week. The top one is a roadrunner. I was out doing errands, and stopped at a crossing of Murrieta Creek, that was totally underwater. There were some lovely ducks and an egret in view. Just as I'd climbed to a good vantage point, I flushed this guy. I don't think I've seen a roadrunner in about ten years. This is right in an industrial section of the valley.

This is a lizard, of course, right outside my back door. He's remarkably large, about 18 inches long and too big to scurry under the trash can for protection. You can see, he wasn't too concerned with my being so near.


  1. ohh, I think the roadrunner is sooo funny! Would be cool to see one. I never have. But that lizard--a little too scary--and much too bold!

  2. Did U really see a road runner??? That is so cool! The Lizard would creep me out. Reminds me of when we lived in Fl and very common to see the geckcos, snakes n gators at any given time.

  3. Regarding that HUGE lizard: Eeeeek!!!

  4. Lizards and roadrunners = fun. I'm spotting snakes on my walks. The other day there was one that was stretched across the length of one lane of the road before he slithered into the field.

  5. I see a road runner once in awhile. Beep Beep. One night in a parking lot I seen a coyote too. Small town with country all around. LOL

    That lizard is huge!! I would be freaking out.

  6. Living in Indiana, I do not see roadrunners (or lizards) in the wild. Your photos are fun.


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