April 21, 2010

6th photo

"This photo was taken July, 2007, at the Annual Davis Family Reunion at Aunt Vicky's house. There were 13 of us cousins at the 2007 reunion, 50 people, total. In the photo, we are arranged by birth order. In the back row on the right is Sandra, then in order, Judi, Ken, Christine, me, Tom, Bruce, Darleene; then in the bottom row, from the left, is Craig, Karen, Glenn, and the youngest, Miriam. What a group, diverse and wonderful. I always look forward to Aunt Vicky's annual July get-together."

I'm reposting this, because I saw a challenge to re-post the 6th photo you ever posted on your blog. This is the 6th, when I eliminated photos what weren't mine. I've been blogging since Dec. 2007, I just counted, I've had a total of 1897 post, including all my blogs. When I get to 2,000, I'm planning on having a give away; I still have time to plan what it will be.

If you want, re-post your 6th photo, too.

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