March 14, 2010

Bob's flashback

File photo / Los Angeles Times /
'BYE': Ziane Monturial, Miss Costa Rica, waves to spectators cheering Miss Universe contestants in 1959. The pageant moved to Miami the following year.

Bob saw this photo in the LA Times, today; and it sparked memories. See the lower left side of the photo? That's a US sailor, still in boot camp pushing the float. Bob was in boot camp that year, 1959, and pushed one of the floats. He was battalion adjutant and got to choose which float to push. He chose Miss Sweden, because he's one half Swede.

You can read the article here.


  1. That's a happy 'blast from the past'!

  2. How fun. What a great experience and great memory!


  3. How interesting Jan. Love hearing about these things.

  4. What a fun memory. SO he was there, in that parade. Very cool!


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