February 2, 2010

"no reply" - REALLY?

Getting a comment, is like receiving a gift. Some one has taken the time to say something to me on one of my blogs. When I can't reply, I feel I'm being rude.; as if I'm ungrateful for their efforts.

I like to, and I try to respond to the comments I receive, but sometimes I can't because you have your profile set to "no reply". If you could kindly change that, I will try to write back to you when you leave me a comment. All you need to do is go to blogger.com, click on "edit profile" and then "show my email address."

Amy over at Park City Girl has some more information on this if you're interested! Thank you!

I'm re-posting this edited version from Sew Inspired; this is one of my pet peeves, not being able to reply to comments; especially when the commenter has asked a specific question.


  1. Jan...great post, but you really don't need to reply to my comments. I just want to add that it is very sad when a giveaway is held and someone enters a giveaway and has their settings as a NO-REPLY blogger. They may technically win, but as they can not be contacted their entry is disqualified. Very sad!


  2. The problem with leaving comments on Blogger is that it requires you to set up a Blogger account (a Google account isn't enough) in order to not show up as "no reply". I use Wordpress for my blog and there are some people who don't have blogs who may want to comment. Also, when you leave a comment on Blogger, there is no way to know that you don't show up as "no reply" unless someone tracks you down and tells you.

    What I had to do was just set up an empty Blogger blog in order to not show up as no reply. Wordpress is set up for commenters to enter their email address when they comment, so you never get no reply comments.

  3. Hmmmm...I was not aware of this Jan...I will check into it...I do have a contact button on my blog sidebar if someone needs to contact me. Thanks for the info.


Thank you for commenting! I enjoy replying to all comments that have an email address attached. If you are not on Blogger please include an email address within your comment--then I can say hi back!