February 3, 2010

Haiti information

This is part of an email I thought I'd pass on:

John and Lorraine's daughter, Lori, is the Director of Nursing Services at Bethesda Naval Hospital. Between 35 and 40 of the nurses currently aboard the USNS COMFORT, a hospital ship now deployed in Haiti, came from under her command at Bethesda. The personnel aboard the COMFORT are doing a wonderful job of helping those devastated by the earthquake. If you would like to know more, please read the blog posted by Capt. John Larnerd, MSC, USN, at http://www.comfort-xo.blogspot.com/. Some of it is sad, but it is very uplifting and will make you proud.

Check it out, you'll be proud.

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  1. Jan..thanks for sharing this insight. If you have connections, I am interested, and I believe others are too, in knowing first hand from those that are helping how best we can help from back home. Are there charities that they feel are more effective, are there areas more in need than others, are there specific ways quilters can help? Is there a way to send Lori items that she could put to use directly, to help those in need?

    Non-filtered news, or non-filtered insights from agencies that focus on fundraising by dispair, makes it so much more insightful to know how to effectively help (and trust monies and items donated will help). Love to hear your thoughts, as well as those from Lori on this matter.

    In the meantime, bless Lori and all her co-workers for helping those in need in Haiti.



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