November 23, 2009

Monday Book Give Away, #14

In my opinion Marianne Wiggins can't write a bad book. Of course, I know it could happen, it just hasn't happened yet. John Dollar is no exception. (I'm offering a hardcover; so the cover looks different.)

From Barnes and Noble:


Charlotte Lewes, a young Briton newly widowed by the Great War, departs for colonial Burma in 1917 to escape the ruins of her life. As a schoolteacher in Rangoon she is rejuvenated by the sensuous Oriental climate, and she meets John Dollar, a sailor who becomes her passionate love and whose ill-fated destiny inextricably binds her to him.
On a festive seafaring expedition, the tightly knit British community confronts disaster in the shape of an earthquake and ensuing tidal wave. Swept overboard, Charlotte, John Dollar, and eight young girls who are Charlotte's pupils awake on a remote island beach. As they struggle to stay alive, their dependence on John overwhelms him, and an atmosphere of menace and doom builds, culminating in shocking and riveting scenes of both death and survival.

Last week's winner is Jan AKA Wammy


  1. You know that I will always sign up to win a book. This one sounds like one our histry buffs might like. Hope you are feeling better.

  2. Me too! Me too! I loved "Stitches" and I know you're feeling at least "medium" because you told me so. I hope you get to "well done" very soon.

  3. Oh me, me! Sounds good. Didn't realize you have been under the weather. Hope you are well soon.

  4. Hi Jan, I received John Dollar today. Thank you so much. I see Ms Wiggins was born the same year as me. We must have something in common. Taking it with me this weekend when I visit my friend for the weekend.


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