October 12, 2009

Talking football

Are you a football fan? Who do you follow?

At our house we keep track of our old HS, Long Beach Poly - Home of Scholars and Champions. We also route for our local HS's, here in Murrieta

For college football it's USC, all the way. Love Joe McKnight.

BUT, since the Rams left LA, and I hope they don't come back, we don't really don't have a pro-football team we love. Each year we choose one or two to cheer for. Until Joe Montana retired our team was the Kansas City Chiefs. This year it's the Jets, because of Mark Sanchez; and the Vikings, because of Brett Farve.


  1. We do follow the Bears but we are more of a Hockey family.

  2. I don't know who my husband follows! I just know some sport is always on the tv : ) My dad loves Penn State and one of my best friends married an Ohio State person so when I can I cheer for them! I saw your comment at a blog today about photography and I popped over to say hi : )

  3. I'm not a football fan at all, however, oddly enough, I spent the morning at a tailgate party. lol

  4. Neat picture. I grew up a Browns fan, but my husband is a Steeler fan, and they played this week. Unfortunately the Browns are not good at all, so they Steelers won.

  5. I. HATE. FOOTBALL! And although I live Brett Favre, as the wife of a lifelong Vikings fan, it usually isn't worth it to get too wrapped up in them. They like to be successful early and crumble at crunch time. Oh, the pain they cause those poor fans! Maybe Brett will make a difference.


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