September 11, 2009

We are not a number

We went out this week to buy a new mattress set. Our current set was about 15 years old, and we agreed it was about time to upgrade. I'd heard good things about the Sleep Number mattresses, especially from Cousin Wayne, so we checked them out first. We drove to the mall and walked to the store; upon entering we were greeted by the salesman. After a couple of questions from him, Bob and I felt as if we were dealing with an obnoxious car salesman. You know the kind, the type you want to run away from!

I said to the guy, Look, I'm a salesman, too. So why don't you knock it off and let us look around. He said, But I can't do that, I need to know what you want and need! (He was about 5''2", and had a bruised face. I could totally understand why some one would want to punch him.)

I looked at Bob and said, You ready to get out of here? So we walked out, went someplace else and bought a great new mattress set; but we do not have a sleep number.

I'll do a review on the new mattress, after we've slept on it a bit.


  1. It's too bad he couldn't just take your advice. I don't deal well with this style either.

  2. I sure hate a pushy salesman! We just went mattress shopping two weekends ago. We got a Simmons Beautyrest and we love it. Nice salesman too. Our old set was 17 years old, so it was WAY past its time! We also bough a new bed (lower to the floor, for my short legs) and it should come this week. Again, we had a great salesperson for that stop. But we walked right out of some other places!

    Hope you like your new mattress!

  3. What a shame to have someone so obnoxious waiting on you!

  4. Jan, when we bought a new mattress a while back we didn't buy a sleep number bed either. My brother told me that he and his wife bought one and he's on 10 and she's on 3. He sleeps on a down-hill angle all the time... Ha! :)

  5. What an experience! I'm glad you left.


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