September 3, 2009

Bob's quilt

I've been doing some quilting, since returning from vacation in June, just lap quilts. Since I started, Bob's been bugging me to make him one. Up to now, I've just been making small quilts for no one in particular; having fun, using my imagination.

This is the quilt I made for Bob. It's the second one I've done with no batting, just wonderful a flannel backing for warmth. The fabric collection is called Authentic. I love the numbers and the words so much, I may use it for another quilt.


  1. I am sure that Bob loves his quilt. I love it too. The choice of fabric is nice. Is there a name for the pattern?

  2. What a talent you have. The quilt is very artsy and I love the fabric and colors. It's nice that Bob now has something to keep him warm made with love.

  3. You do this and still manage to read so much. Amazing. And I really like how this looks.

  4. I like the colours you used. I'm sure Bob thinks it's great!

  5. What a nice work ! I could never do that, I have no patience at all for sewing or knitting or whatever in this direction !


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