August 1, 2009

Bob's new ride

We decided to get a new car. Our mini-van was 9 years old and qualified as a gas guzzler. Bob went out to the car dealers on Wednesday, to decide what he wanted. At two of the dealerships, Nissan and Toyota, no one was interested in talking to him. He narrowed his choices down to three, and yesterday we went to decide.

We stopped at Honda, first; and experienced the typical high pressure stuff you get at new car dealerships. Remember, I spent 15 years in the automotive aftermarket and know what to expect and how to walk away. Next we went to Mazda, a new dealership in our area. Apparently, they learned from a different master, and we bought there. We've never owned a WHITE vehicle before. No offense to all of you who do; but color is our thing. For one thing, it's so much easier to spot your car in a huge parking lot, if it's RED, GREEN or BLUE!. We asked if they would dealer trade for a color, and they said they would, but would discount the WHITE one, an additional $500.00, they called it a COLOR-BLIND discount, if we would take the white one.

With the Color Blind discount and the Cash for Clunkers discount, plus various Mazda discounts we drove away with $7000.00 in discounts and a plain white SUV. Before the day was done we had the windows tinted. I'm sure we'll pimp it some more, soon; so I'll be able to find it in a parking lot. It was funny, on the way home from the Mazda dealer, we stopped at Barnes and Noble, when we came out of the store, two other white SUV's had parked next to ours, and Bob said, "Wow, which one is ours."


  1. Congratulations ! that was a very good deal ! and I assure you white is soooo practical, my blue car I have to wash all five minutes and the white one of my husband almost never, lol ! and as you say it's much easier to find. Before the blue (I had no choice with the color) I had a yellow one, everybody in Waterloo knew where I was ! I had the only yellow car in the whole town !!


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