July 30, 2009

It's just words

Every four years professor Pamela Munro of UCLA's linguistics department compiles a list of new words heard around the campus. She does this with help from her students. This year it's called "UCLA Slang 6"; this is the 6th edition. Here is a partial list I found on the LA Times blog Jacket Copy:

"bellig" -- belligerent and drunk
"bromance" -- extremely close platonic friendship between men
"brothers from another mother" -- male friends as close as siblings
"destroy" -- to do well at something
"epic fail" -- big mistake
"FOMO" -- fear of missing out
"get all up in your biznatch" -- meddle in your business
"mija" -- female friend
"Obama" -- cool
"off the hezzie" -- cool
"papi chulo" -- male friend
"presh" -- precious
"schwa" -- wow
"sisters from another mister" -- female friends as close as siblings

It'll be interesting to see if any of these will migrate to the general population and have staying power.

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