July 23, 2009

Life, too

Thanks to everyone for your good wishes, they paid off. We're home from La Jolla and Bob has 2 new stints in his heart. Now, his total is 7 stints. The great thing about all of these stints is Bob has never had to have a heart attack or other cardio "incident". The stints all fall under the category of "preventative medicine".

When we were on our way to La Jolla, on Tuesday, we stopped to eat dinner. Walking to our car after dinner, I was almost run down. A SUV was idling, waiting for a parking place, when the driver suddenly threw it into reverse, and nearly got me. Bob's shout saved me.


  1. Thank God you're both okay, Jan! Hugs xxx

  2. Glad everything went well with Bob. Gotta watch out for those hot shots in SUV's!! ;0)

  3. Oh wow, I am so glad you were okay Jan and happy to hear that all went well with Bob's operation.

  4. Almost forgot, the photos are gorgeous.

  5. Beautiful flower! Great composition.


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