July 10, 2009


Now that most of the hoopla is over, regarding Micheal Jackson, I want to have my brief say. I quoting this from Steve Lopez's column this morning. Lopez says what we've been discussing at our house, when the subject came up.

"Jackson had some great years as a groundbreaking and barrier-crashing, once-in-a-lifetime talent with a message of peace and harmony. But that was followed by a decade or two of extremely disturbing weirdness -- not that you'd know that from the recent news coverage."

"You had to wade through acres of shallow water to find media references to Jackson's reported $20-million settlement of a case involving a boy he was accused of molesting. And then there were his comments about seeing nothing wrong with sharing his bed with children, which tells me that if the scheduled comeback hadn't panned out, Jackson could have had a second career as an Irish priest."

So, yes, the man had mega talent, but he also had mega problems, and isn't a demi-god to be emulated.


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  2. I agree. He just was not the same guy anymore.


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