June 17, 2009


Today, I got a pedi, and learned these things:

A lot of women attending book clubs are using Kindle, and instead of reading the book they're just skimming and reading the synopsis.

After a wedding in the Vietnamese culture, no thank you notes are sent. Instead, they send a card with a photo of the wedding couple and the gift-giver. They only send a thank you note if the gift-giver is unable to attend the ceremony.

In the Arabic culture, as the guests leave a wedding, the bride and groom stand at the door of the church and thank everyone, individually, for coming. Then at the reception, the bride and groom visit each guest and thank them again. Each guest is thanked again before they leave the reception. After the reception, many guest go to their home, and are thanked again. Each gift giver also receives a hand written thank you note. The woman who told me this said, "We believe in a lot of Thank Yous.

In Japan a cantaloupe cost $30.00!

Life's pretty interesting, don't you think.

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