June 27, 2009

Summer Stock Sunday

Robin is one of my favorite bloggers; while I was on vacation, she started a new meme - Summer Stock Sunday. She want's to know - What's on your summertime agenda this week?

This is what we did this week. Oden, our 9 year old grandson, is in the house!
We visited the Orange Empire Railroad Museum, in Perris, CA.

We went to the San Diego Zoo.

And we went to a minor league baseball game, always a lot of fun.

We went to the pool and Barnes and Noble, a couple of times.


  1. I love zoos, great pictures !

  2. What a great week you planned for him - my son would love for you to adopt him I think. He can never have too many grandparents, especially where baseball games and cool day trips are concerned.

    Welcome to Summer Stock Jan, I'm so glad you've joined us :).

  3. That was some busy week! Envy you! No wonder the girrafe from the movie Madagascar wants to go to the San Diego Zoo - very nice - many animals and lots of space - the red parot was my favorite!

  4. I never knew this museum existed until now. Perhaps I will have to take my son week after next. Thnks for sharing your wonderful pictures.

    Wishing you a scent-sational sunday!

  5. Jan, what good grandparents you and Bob are! Oden's a lucky boy! I would have loved to visit the railroad museum, the San Diego zoo and go swimming in the gorgeous pool! :)

  6. Oden should be exhausted! I'm not sure he can keep up with you guys! ;) Smiles say it all! Love your zoo!

  7. Looks like you are having a fun summer! The San Diego zoo is wonderful!

    Thanks for your visit!


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