May 4, 2009

Tai Chi in Parade Magazine

I've been doing Tai Chi for over 10 years, and teaching Tai Chi and QiGung for about 6 years.  I saw this article on Sunday, and thought it was worth repeating here.  At the time I started Tai Chi, I was having daily migraines, they were really horrendous; I was looking for something to help, or cure them.  Tai Chi didn't do that, but I fell in love with the slow gentle martial art.  If you lived in my Senior Community, you could attend my free classes, twice a week.  If you don't live here, seek out a class in your area; you won't be sorry.
Better Balance With Tai Chi
by Michael O'Shea
published: 05/03/2009
According to new research, patients who have suffered a stroke may be able to regain some of their lost balance by practicing tai chi, a form of Chinese martial arts. Tai chi involves slow, rhythmic movements that are circular, flowing, and low-impact. It is sometimes called “moving meditation,” because you do it while breathing deeply, which helps to balance your mind and body.

Scientists from the University of Illinois at Chicago found that people who learned tai chi after having a stroke showed significant improvements when tested on their ability to maintain balance while shifting weight, leaning in different directions, and standing on movable surfaces (as on a bus). Their progress was evident after only six weeks of training with a physical therapist in weekly tai chi classes and practicing by themselves at home.

Done regularly, tai chi can reduce the risk of falls and injury. It also may improve circulation, flexibility, posture, blood pressure, and heart rate, as well as ease pain, reduce stress, increase energy, and prevent osteoporosis. One study even shows benefits in people with fibromyalgia. Free or affordable classes are taught at many local Ys and community centers.


  1. I have heard many good things about Tai Chi. It is good for what ailes you.

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