May 4, 2009

Paying it forward

I love stories like this, I hope you do, too.

Father and Son Getting Home
--posted by Wes Bennett on Nov 6, 2007

A few months ago, while driving home from work, I was thinking about my long tiring day at work and worrying about my other half, and would he be OK when I got home. My partner of 6 years, was lying in bed at home, sick and facing a long illness and possibly death.

That day several clients had paid for thier jobs and one of them even paid extra, since he was very pleased with our graphics & photography work.

On the way, I stopped at a gas station (slightly out of my way) to gas up my car before heading home. When I went in to pre-pay for my gas, I saw a man with his his son ahead of me in the line. They were a little dirty from working & painting at a local job site. The clerk behind the counter seemed annoyed and not interested in talking to them.

From their conversation, it seems the man had lost his wallet, was almost out of gas and still had 1.5 hours drive to get himself and his son home. He was wanting to write the clerk a check and post date it for 2 days later.

The man was obviously tired, worried and frustrated. He knew the money in his account wasn't available yet and without cash, he and his son wouldn’t be able to sleep in their own beds that night.

The clerk asked them to move aside and let me up to the register. I gave the clerk two 20 dollar bills and told him to put $20 on my pump and to pre-pay $20 on their pump also. When I went back out to fill my gas tank, the teenage son approached me at the car to express his gratitude. His father was too emotional, so he stayed inside the store til I was gone.

They asked if I would accept a check from them for the money, but I declined. I told the teenager to keep the check and to "pay it forward". Help someone in a bind when you see them.

They were so thankful, I had a feeling that the weight of what I'd done to help was much more than what it appeared.

I cried half the way home, not sad tear, but tears of relief and joy for them. Getting home after work can mean much more than just having a beer and watching TV. It can mean being there for somone who needs you

Do you have a Pay It Forward story to share.


  1. Jan, you are a dear to help that father and son when they needed it! What a great story! :)

  2. I love that story. I love it when I can do something like that. It is humbling when you are the one on the recieving end.


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