May 8, 2009

Marty says

Marty, The Official Blog Greeter

Well, hello there! We're celebrating our 200th post!

There's a party going on at Donna's; Marty says, so. In celebration, Donna made a nifty give away. Go over to Cottage Days and check it out.

Donna is the wonderful hostess of Brenda's Photo Challenge, that I love and enter frequently. I've come to know her as a giving, patient person. You should get to know her, too.

Oops! I goofed, not unusual, really; this Donna is not the hostess of Brenda's Photo Challenge, it's this Donna! Might as well give everyone a plug.


  1. Thank you so much for the plug! LOL, and Marty is LOVING all of publicity about him! He's so vain!!!

    I do have to confess that I am not the same Donna who is the hostess of the photo challenge. That is Donna from TX - Made in Heaven. But we are both fun and spirited gals (her, more so than me, haha), so we are easily confused! But I have been faithflly participating in the challenges for about a year now!

    And I didn't realize that you had THIS blog, so I'm going to scamper around a bit and do some reading. I hope Marty doesn't leave a little "raisin trail" while he hops with me, LOL!

  2. Happy anniversary! 200 posts is quite a thing!


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