May 10, 2009

Fun Monday

Faye wants to know about our gardens.
Tell us your gardening stories. And share some photos of your garden, or one you admire. :

I have wonderful early memories of working in the garden with my Dad. Everything I know about gardening, I learned from him and Sunset Western Garden Book. I've always been the gardener in our family; I planted everything in our yard, except the grass. When we bought our retirement home, we intentionally chose a small lot, to cut down on yard work. (We also chose a small floor plan to put on the small lot, to cut down on house work.) I don't consider myself a writer, so I'm going to show you photos, instead. I've crammed all this, and more, into my tiny yard.
Calla Lilies



Day Lily

Lemon Blossoms




My favorite roees, I have 2 or 3 of these.

Sally Holmes, Climbing rose

Betty Boop, shrub rose

Graham Thomas, English Rose.



Be sure to visit all the other Fun Monday-ers at Faye's place, today.


  1. Jan that doesn't look like luck to me!!!!!!!!!

  2. I did mention I lots of foliage but short on I know where to get them! LOL

    Your photos are beautiful!

  3. Awesome photos, perfect flowers.

  4. you sure have a lot going on for a small yard. bet the hummingbirds and bees are all 'abuzz' snort!

  5. And my "winner" is ... the sun flower !
    I would like to have a few in my garden !

  6. "with silver bells, and cockle shells.. all pretty maids in a row"

    that reminds me -- I need to plant the seeds you sent last fall. I'm gone this week -- but maybe my husband will do the job!!

    My favorite roses are the one that still have a nice aroma.

  7. I'll bet your yard smells wonderful!!!!

  8. Nothing better then to surround yourself with beautiful flowers. Your photos are great.

  9. How smart you are Jan to plan a garden--and retirement home--that's just the right size for your pleasure and needs. Now you can focus on the fun part, tending plants instead of long hours of mowing which is my dilemma. I too love the yellow Graham Thomas rose--grew it at one time. And what is the cupcake pink colored rose? It's lovely. Your photos are spot-on. I need to improve my digital skills.

  10. Lovely photos~you sure do have quite a variety in your garden and a green thumb to boot!


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