May 11, 2009

Daily chuckle

We had a rabbit, Sam, a large male lop ear.  Actually, Carrie had a rabbit, Sam.  She bought  him, when she was a teenager.  He lived in a rabbit hutch in the backyard in Long Beach.  He was well incorperated into the rest of our managerie.  (dogs, tortoise, birds, fish.)

One of my best memories of Sam involves Bob stretched out on the floor watching TV, and Sam stretched out on Bob's chest.  Sam would give Bob a couple of firm thumps with his hind legs, to establish who was superior.  Sam was, of course.  Bob kindly always let him believe it.

I've found a fun blog Disapproving Rabbits:, add them to your reader for a sure-fire chuckle, each day.

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  1. That's hysterical. I miss Sam... I tell the kids about him sometimes and then they want a rabbit... then I change the subject. :o)


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