April 30, 2009

Poems about George Washington

A Wish for February
Donovan Marshall

The Father of His Country
Was once a lad like me.
He played and wrestled on the green
And swung from leafy tree.
But when his country called him
He put aside his play.
I hope that I, like Washington,
May serve my land some day!

George Washington
Winifred C. Marshall

I wonder if George Washington
Was very fond of books,

And if he like to hunt and fish,
And wade in little brooks.

I wonder if his pocket bulged
Like mine with precious things,

With marbles, cookies, tops, and balls,
And nails, and glass, and strings.

I wonder if he whistled tunes
While mending broken toys -

My father says George Washington
Was much like other boys.

George Washington
Meish Goldish

George Washington,
You're number one!
George Washington,
You're number one to me!

Leader of the army,
An able genreal, George.
Strongly and bravely,
You led at Valley Forge!

Father of our country,
Our first President.
Proudly and wisely,
You led the government!

We celebrate your birthday,
Our capital has your name.
Your picture's on a dollar bill,
So all will know your fame!

You never told a lie, Goerge,
You were brave and smart.
First in honor, first in peace,
First in our heart!

How Washington Dressed
Gertrude M. Robinson

When Washington was president,
He wore the queerest clothes;
His shoes had silver buckles on -
Now, why, do you suppose?

His suit was made of velvet cloth
With buckles at the knee;
He wore lace ruffles on his coat
When he went out to tea.

His hair was tied with ribbons, too,
And braided like a girl's.
How could he be a president,
And wear his hair in curls?

A Nation's Hero
Winifred C. Marshall

The flags fly, the bands play;
Give him the honor due
To one who served his country well,
A leader brave and true.

First in defense and first in peace;
In our hearts, as of yore,
He holds first place, George Washington,
Our hero, evermore.

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