April 29, 2009


In February, Bob had surgery on his eye.  I called him Pirate Bob, and like any good blogger, I blogged about it, here.  His eye really didn't get better and he's been struggling to see, for all this time.  His "good" eye, through all this, is his worse eye; when his vision is normal.  So, he hasn't been driving, and all the time I was on jury duty, he was pretty much house bound.

Today he was scheduled for a repeat surgery; and it's tomorrow!  Talk about short notice.  But, it's really good to get it over with.  Hopefully, it will work this time.  The doctor said it looks as if his eye bled, again, while it was recovering from the last surgery.  We have every confidence in this doctor.  Bob has seen him for over 10 years.  We see people from all over Southern California in the waiting room; and from neighboring states, too.

The "mouse" under his eye, is from the last surgery.  

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