June 9, 2018

Come From Away

 I read this book, The Day THe World Came to Town, in 2003 when it was first published.

The play Come From Away is based on the book and was developed in 2012 and had huge success in San Diego, Seattle, Washington DC and Toronto before moving to NYC.  I missed it in San Diego but I was lucky and got a ticket for a performance at the Schoenfeld Theater on W. 45th.  Of course, no photos were allowed during the show, but I snapped these during the curtain-call.

The show had no intermission.  The 12 performers had multiple roles that included acting, singing, and dancing.  They were marvelous.  There were 7 musicians, below, that were on stage the entire time and they were outstanding.

Go and see Come From Away, when you have a chance.
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