December 4, 2016

Christmas Chorus

I've had a busy, busy weekend.  One of my B&N friends recently commented that I'm always busy, and she is correct.  Yesterday I attended the Opening Reception for a quilt exhibit called Modern Quilts: Redesigning Traditions.  You can check out the blog post about it here, on the TVMQG blog.

 Then I dashed home, fed the dogs and myself and dashed again to the clubhouse to sell tickets to the Colony Chorus Christmas program.  This is the second year I've volunteered to do this and it's so much fun.  People lose their tickets and want me to solve their problem, of course, I can.  That's just one example of the fun.  Last night, I also ran out of tickets to sell, so I dashed to the head of the line and took back "used" tickets to resell them.  I had to do that three times!  I'm creative in many ways. (There were plenty of seats available.)

This afternoon I attended the Sunday version of the program.  Three of my Tai Chi students are in the Chorus, so I try to never miss it.  It was a wonderful program called Christmas Around the World.  It even included a sing-along.

 We're all seniors, and this guy "Hula Jim" was very brave!

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