June 16, 2016


"All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go" But I need to wait for tomorrow, I have a 5:30 AM pickup by the car service, taking me to LAX. Today I still need to teach Tai Chi and attend the June meeting of the TVMQG.

I'm going on a 10-day baseball tour with Jay Buckley Baseball Tours. I have Tshirts for all the teams, Cubs, Indians, Pirates, Blue Jays, Tigers, Reds, Brewers and White Sox. I've traveled with this company twice before and I'm really looking forward to this trip. (The only bummer is Bob won't be with me, he would have loved this trip.)

The photo is from the last time Bob and I were in Cooperstown, NY, also on a baseball tour!  That time Sharon and Oden went with us.  Oden was 13 and our thinking was that he probably wouldn't want to travel with us, much longer.

I'm always busy.  I've been posting a lot on the quilting blog because that's what I do when I have any spare time.  Also, FB and IG have taken the place of a lot of blogging.  Some of my old blogging friends no longer blog, they keep in touch via FB and IG.  My IG handle is janprytz, if you're interested in more day to day photos.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing my life with me,

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  1. Hi Jan, it has been a long time since I popped in but had to stop by when your blog came up on my old blog roll. I still check every now and again. Happy traveling. I visited Cooperstown many years ago and enjoyed the baseball hall of fame. Great little town.


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