July 5, 2015


I'm pathetic.  Wednesday will be my 71st birthday and it will be the first time I've ever been alone on my birthday.  I've been trying to come up with a game plan, something to do on Wednesday that's not my normal day.  Normal days I eat, walk the dogs a couple of times, work on quilting projects, read and maybe watch some TV.

First I tried setting up a massage, I have a Groupon that I could use.  Her first available appt. was on Thursday, so I booked that.

Then I thought, maybe a facial - that would be a great treat.  She was booked until the 30th!

The third try and this is where I'm getting pathetic, I need to see the attorney who is taking care of my sister's and my interest settling our Dad's estate.  At least it would get me out of the house!  But, he can't see me on Wednesday, but Monday will work.

Last week, The Colony news arrived in the mail.  I live in a 55+ senior community, The Colony, and this is our monthly newsletter put together by a great team of volunteers.  On July 8th, my 71st birthday, there is going to be a movie shown in the Auditorium.  Woo hoo!  It happens to be a movie I want so see and missed when it came out in '09, The Soloist.  I really don't care, I will go no matter what was showing; just to have something "special" to do!  The other two movies being shown this month are Atonement and 5 Flights Up.  I'm going to go to those, too.  It's good to get out of the house, and the movies are free, as is the popcorn.

I am considering bringing cookies or cupcakes to the Auditorium, but that might be pathetic, too!

The Statue of Liberty has nothing to do with this post, but I took this photo on 5/30, while in NYC, and I thought I'd share it.
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  1. Janet, I had a friend who would bring lunch for the entire office on her birthday every year. We all loved it and it really pleased her. I say bring on the cookies! And, have a happy birthday. Mine is also this month.

  2. There's nothing pathetic about wanting to do something special for your birthday, especially your first one without Bob. I'd do some leisurely shopping and maybe buy myself something special, no pressure, just nice.


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