July 5, 2014

Month One, Dog Report.

Our dogs are doing great and they certainly keep Bob and I busy.  They have both been neutered and survived the "cone of shame".  They've been to the vet and received good reports on their health and the shots they needed.  Frisco, top, has clued into my behaviors and doesn't let me sleep one minute past 6 AM!  One morning it was 5:30.  When we choose him to be part of our family, we were aware he wasn't housebroken, at seven years old.  Thankfully, he's doing fabulous in that department.

Ben is only one year old, but he was housebroken, for the most part.  Neither of the dogs were leash trained; we're making great progress in that department.  Frisco is medium size, 34 pounds, and very strong; and Ben is very small, 10 pounds, and full of energy.  They are a real challenge for one person to walk; we try to both walk them.
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  1. I'm so happy that you all found each other. I see you got the fence closed in so Ben can enjoy the yard, now you can have two helpers when you're out there :)


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