June 9, 2014

Fun Monday

It's time for Fun Monday!  Todays' theme is "Post a photo of your non-human children".  One picture or however many it takes.

On June 1, I returned from a six week trip, it was a combo of celebrating our 50th with a four week cruise and attending Book Expo America in NYC.  We had had no non-human children since February, when Dudley died.  We made the decision to wait until after this extended trip to adopt more dogs.

On June 2, we adopted two new dogs.  They're wonderful additions to Casa Prytz.  We're very lucky to have Frisco and Ben as part of our family.

This is Frisco, he's 7 years old, an American Cocker and previously lived outside.  Now, he's an inside dog, and loving it.  We haven't weighed him, but we're guessing about 40 pounds.

This is Ben, he's one year old, a terrier mix, I'm guessing Yorkie-mix and he's house trained.  Ben is small and weighs 10 pounds.  He was neutered on 6/3, and had to wear "the cone of shame" for one week.

The dogs are getting along famously, and they're really keeping us busy.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing my life with me,


  1. Bless you for adopting older dogs! Frisco and Ben really landed on their feet with you! Ben is a real cutie-pie... even WITH the cone of shame.

  2. Ben looks great without his cone, I'll bet he's happy.

  3. I love that you adopted your pets, especially the senior guy! I happen to have a picture on my blog today of my fur babies. Mine are 11 years old and 5 years old.

  4. Whenever I see cute dogs I'm very tempted but I have to be realistic so I'll just admire from afar :)


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