May 24, 2014

Right Now, thoughts from Chief Sjolander

Chief Lee Sjolander is one of my favorite people on FB.  He's the Police Chief of Kenyon, Minnesota, a small town of under 2,000 souls.

I love reading the Chiefs' post and asked permission to share these Right Now posts.

Thoughts from Chief Sjolander...

Right now...

Right now, a child somewhere is hating school because they have been wearing the same clothes all week and they are picked on. It's not their fault, parents have no money for new clothes or maybe they are "absent" from their child's life and they are left to fend for themselves.

Right now, someone is trying narcotics or alcohol for the first time. They are trying to fit in, or trying to numb the pain of things that are not their fault.

Right now, someone is committing a crime as a way to support an addiction or a lifestyle. They are stealing from family, friends, and strangers.

Right now, someone is reading this post while driving and I wish they would stop and focus on what they are doing.

Right now, someone is taking their last breaths and wish they had done more. They are realizing that large bank accounts and fancy things don't matter in the end...what matters is how they treated people.

Right now, someone is thinking of taking their own life. I hope they don't. I hope they realize that dark days will pass, they are loved by someone, are needed, and they are not alone. Reach out to someone, anyone, heck, I'm here and will help if I can.

Right now, someone is being told by a doctor that their child has special abilities and will need special care. They are overwhelmed and crushed. I'm here to tell you that you all will make it through this and while your lives will be different than some, you'll be amazed at what you can overcome with love and a "Watch Me " attitude...Trust me.

Right now, someone is thinking of all the little things they complain about and they realize how much they have to be thankful for.

Right now, someone is waiting for the other person to apologize first. Please don't wait to mend a friendship, do it now.

Right now is a good time to share this with those you love and care for.

Stay safe,


Thoughts from Chief Sjolander...

I was asked about doing another "Right now" post. I wrote one on 05/22/14 and it apparently touched people, so here it goes...

Right now pt. 2...

Right now, someone is packing a few personal belongings and leaving their home. It's not for a vacation, it's because they've lost their home and have no where to go. They are ashamed, scared, and thought this would never happen to them.

Right now, someone is grooming a child and will take their innocence away. If you suspect this is taking place, please tell someone, anyone, and try to stop this horrible cycle.

Right now, someone is struggling to tell loved ones something very personal about themselves. They are afraid of the consequences for being honest.

Right now, a parent just used their last diaper, they have no food, no money, and hope is fading fast. Please don't give up and never lose hope. Help is out there, maybe it's a neighbor, family, friends, or your local small town police department.

Right now, someone is sick and tired of being sick and tired. They are finding the strength to make some life changes and it's up to us to support them.

Right now, someone wishes someone would listen to them.

Right now, someone is "settling" for less than they deserve. Please don't do that.

Right now is a good time to remind you that you matter.

Right now, someone is teaching a young person how to ride a bike, throw a ball, plant a garden, etc. Thanks for taking the time to be in a child's life. They will always remember the time you shared with them.

Right now is a good time to put your electronic device down and go share your gifts with others.

Stay safe,


I sure hope you liked these as much as I did.

P.S.  I'm still out of town, in NYC, now.
Thanks for stopping by and sharing my life with me,

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  1. I did like them, they're very thought provoking. Welcome back, even though you're not home yet.


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