March 13, 2014

Totally Random Thursday

Yesterday, I went to the San Diego Zoo, while Bob was busy with medical stuff.  When you walk thru the parking lot you can spy licence plates from all over the US, plus some from Mexico and Canada.  When you walk around the zoo, you, of course, really can't guess where people are from.  (unless you're psychic, which I'm not.)

Yesterday was the first time I would hazard a guess.  I bet these four are from PA or OH, I could be wrong but I'm guessing anyway.

After I snapped these shots, I heard a young boy ask his mom, where these people were from.  She told him, "they're part of a religion that doesn't believe in using electricity".  At least she tried!
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  1. How interesting. I wouldn't mind visiting that area of Pennsylvania again now that I quilt. I would look for at new things for me.

  2. It would be hard to come up with an answer that would "make sense" to someone so young. It's even hard for adults to come up with the rationale.


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