October 5, 2013

Trip to Target

Something fun happened while I was at Target, I kept running into different Tai Chi students.  We could have had a Flash Mob Tai Chi lesson.

I went Target to pick up something only available there, at least in our area, Hungry Jack Lite Syrup.  I also checked out the sale endcaps and came home with new tea towels.  These were a real bargain, one was 1.48 and two were 88 cents!  I was drying my bathroom scatter rugs on the rosemary and  was hoping for a good photo.  Fail.

I took them in and hung them on the semi-new kitchen appliances.  We've been upgrading in the kitchen, I think the next step will be either painting or replacing the oak cabinets.  When we replaced the 15 year old kitchen appliances, we took the opportunity to change the wall color, too.  The walls are blue, very blue; so I think with cabinets will be great.

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  1. Cute towels and such a deal. We painted out cabinets a while back and what a difference! Plus we saved a ton of money.


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