August 21, 2013

Interesting stuff

from my garden

I've just gotten finished with lunch and my day has been pretty interesting.  I live in a large, 1600 single homes, senior community, called The Colony in Murrieta.  This is where we've lived for 15 years and where I teach Tai Chi.  Bob and I both love our community.  One of the things we have is an emailer group; kinda like Angie's list, but free and there's more that just recommendations, but no jokes and nothing political.  It's called The Colony Emailers.

At the San Diego Zoo

Two women called, whom I don't know, one wanted to know if I had a current phone number for a landscaper/handyman, Efron, that many people use.  The other woman wanted to know if Bob and I were happy with the new doctor we started using.  I chatted with each woman giving them the information they needed.  Both women were widows, and happy to chat away.  I've found that people who live alone relish any interaction they get a chance to have.

from Top of  the Rock in NYC.

The other thing that happened took place in the swimming pool, during water aerobics.  A woman I've only seen once before asked me if I came to the class all the time.  The class meets M-W-F, and I told her we go as often as possible, and on T & Th, we go to Tai Chi.  She told me that she tried Tai Chi, but didn't like the instructor!  (I didn't say anything about me being the instructor).  I listened politely, and she went on and on, finally she asked me if the class had "improved" since she'd gone, nine years ago.  I smiled and said, "No, it's just about the same."  I don't remember her ever attending the class, and I certainly don't want her giving it another try.  Three of my students also go to water aerobics and were mortified.

the Blue Moon, from last night

Now, I'm off to work on some quilt blocks.  I threw in the photos, because every post needs photos.

my garden, again.

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  1. You were very nice not to say anything to the lady about your Thai Chi classes Jan. It was also nice reading your post and I always enjoy the photos. Happy rest of the weekend to you :)


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